How to make your own Succulent Terrarium in 10 minutes

List of things you will need :

Glass Pot/Bowl, Sand, Charcoal, Potting soil, Succulents and Stones

Put a layer of stones down at the bottom of your pot. Succulents do not like a lot of water and these guys will provide the necessary drainage. Cover them up with some sand. This will also help with the drainage and also gives your pot another layer of colour. Now shake the put slightly to even the layer of sand.

Then crush some charcoal and add a few pieces on top of the sand. The charcoal will purify the terrarium and keep it clean and happy. 

Then you can add your potting soil. Make sure to add enough so that you can cover the roots of all your plants.

Choose 5 or 7 different succulents, to give you different colour, different textures and different heights. Make hole in your terrarium using a serving spoon. Make sure to cover all the roots.

Finish off your terrarium with decorative stones or seashells.

Remember to get your hands dirty!


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