Donkey’s tail plant / Sedum Morganianum / Burros Tail

R 400.00

Also called the burro tail, this plant has stems that can reach over 3 feet long—making a great hanging basket decoration. This plant needs careful handling, so it’s not for the beginner house planter, as the stems can be brittle and its leaves detach easily. So don’t bump into it! Native to Veracruz, Mexico, this plant prefers shade and well-draining soil.
The donkey’s tail plant needs at least four hours of sun or very bright light every day.
They need to dry out before you water it again. Over-watering will kill this easily. The leaves of this plant take even less water in the winter during its dormancy period.
Fertilize the donkey’s tail monthly in the summer months and never fertilize in the winter.

20cm Hanging basket.

Shape, color and size of plants may vary slightly.

Decorative containers are not included with plants and are sold separately.